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Friday, October 15, 2010

Come Meet Me!

         A lot of interesting things are happening this week. My interview from the Huffington post (listed below) has caused quite a stir all over the world. Generally people agree with what I’m saying, but several blogs have taken just a sentence and written an entire blog on one sentence out of context. that’s the tricky thing about being quoted. I could say, I would never tell Tyra Banks to go on a diet” and all that gets quoted is that Whitney Thompson said, “tell Tyra Banks to go on a diet”. You see how tricky that is? Anyways, The overwhelming majority of people agree that my interview needed to be said. One of the greatest things that came out of this was Italian Vogue posting an article on me in support of my work with “Love Your Body Day”.I saw the google alert come up on my email and thought, “Uh oh! This is it!” assuming that Vogue was releasing a statement against me for saying, “screw Vogue”, but that wasn’t the case at all. It was a really nice article and that made me happy because, of course I think that Vogue should use shapes in every issue, but Vogue is one of many magazines guilty for this. Vogue is just the one that I said. It seems that they understand. I guess we’ll see.
          I also went out in downtown Los Angeles last night. Apparently they have an event called, “Art Walk” every month and local artists set up, all of the stores open their doors and there is tons of live music. The setting looks a lot like Little Italy. They hang white lights across the streets and I got to experience a totally different side of downtown LA. It was really fun and I saw some neat things that I hadn’t seen before. For example, there was one artist who played the drums and I’m not sure if he followed the pictures or if they were triggered by his sounds, but every hit came up as an actual explosion on a huge screen to his right. It was totally different and really cool to watch.
         I am on a Delta flight to Orlando right now (very turbulent) for work. I will be participating in the Macy’s Girl’s Weekend Out event at the Mall of the Millennia. I will just be signing autographs and announcing the newest trends for fall. It’s weird because I used to shop at this mall when I was younger. It is absolutely huge! I also went to this mall after my first audition for ANTM because I had only brought one outfit and I had callbacks the next day, so my Mom and I had to go buy a new tank top. I wore a black tank top the first day and brown the second day. That was so long ago! 
         If you’re in the Orlando area then please stop by the Mall of the Millennia this Saturday from 2-4 pm hang out with me, take pictures, and discuss fashion!

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