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Monday, October 25, 2010

Toronto Fashion Week!

Rainy days always make for a cool view.   :-)

      Once again, I had an amazing time working with Allistyle in Toronto. Pam (the owner) is like my little Canadian, Jewish mother and it is always such a pleasure to be with her. I ate at so many fantastic restaurants and the fall weather in Toronto is just perfect right now! I also got a much needed facial today at Sweet Grass Spa. I think it’s been a year since my last one and the difference was immediate. I have to remember to start taking care of myself!
         Something that I found less satisfactory was Toronto Fashion Week. I realize that a lot of these events are run by interns who are unfamiliar with the industry but this was just a nightmare. I showed up because I was invited to attend the “Attitudes” show as a VIP. The little girl couldn’t find my name on the list, which I understand because I just confirmed the day before, but she proceeded to recognize me as a Top Model winner and still had me standing at the front of the line waiting. Eventually, someone gave me two passes for Pam and myself, but they were not VIP. I walked all around before realizing that I had not been graced with a VIP entrance. I walked back to the front where a gaggle of girls began chatting back and forth furiously. One approached and handed me the VIP passes while apologizing to me for having to deal with this in front of my “mother”. Pam and I look nothing alike. She is a client. I would never bring my Mom to a show that I did not know for a fact would be worth her time. I ask the girl about my seats. I always sit in the front row. It gives the designer free press to have celebrities in the front row and I was the only things close to a celebrity at this show. Once again, the girls began talking and eventually came to the conclusion that they would take me to their leader. The “leader” had Pam and I seated in the second row and once again referred to her as my mother. I corrected her and not gently. Never in my life has any show been so unprofessional. I did end up sitting in the front row only to watch a bunch of emaciated models try to muster the energy to strut down the runway. I already boycotted this crap at New York Fashion week. Obviously the people that invited me were only trying to get a celebrity to watch the show. They surely had no clue what my message was or what I did for a living or even watched my season of Top Model! This industry can be so frustrating at times. Maybe that’s why everyone thinks Toronto Fashion week is a joke... because it is.
         I am excited to be back in Los Angeles and eager to participate in Love Your Body Day. I just know that it will be a huge success!

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  1. Hey Whitney!

    Can't believe that happened to you! I am sure Love Your Body day will be great! Looking forward to hopefully seeing you soon!

    Erica (MP)