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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Real Fashion Week?

          I had an amazing meeting last tonight. I am working on creating a fashion week in Los Angeles that incorporates all body shapes and sizes. It’s going to be really difficult but there’s already a lot of support, but it takes so much work. I have to find designers, venue, technicians, media, volunteers, etc. There is so much to do and I absolutely have to make sure that it is professional and imitates Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. The plus sized fashion industry does not get taken seriously because we keep ourselves so separate and we are so proud that we forget to be professional. People are always watching and waiting for us to mess up so that they can make fun of us. I want this production to be flawless. I think I might also unveil my lingerie collection at it. We definitely can’t do it until February. It has to be at the same time as fashion week and I definitely can’t get everything together by September. I already have some designers in mind, but it’s going to be really exclusive. I’m not letting any bad designers into the show. It’s about quality, not quantity. And the list to get in will be elite as well, just like fashion week...only better.
           I’m only in town for one more day and then I’m gone for over a month. My schedule is so crazy, but it’s for a good cause and I’d rather be working too much than not enough.
            I also have my NOH8 photo shoot tomorrow, but I’m not feeling very prepared for it. i just found out today that I have to bring something that “represents” me. I was thinking about a big lollipop, but that’s so obvious. I need suggestions!!!


  1. Hello. I´m Brazilian, I love you soo much ;;;
    You is my diva on the runway

    Twitter @wan_bert_o

  2. This is a fabulous idea and I am behind it 100%!!! I have always dreamed of a fashion show with models large and thin, tall and short, long hair, bald hair, etc. I wish I could help in some way, even though I am on the other side of the country. Well I wish you the best of luck!

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  4. Hey Whitney,

    I am recovered from anorexia and I would absolutely love to see a real fashion week. That would be such an amazing thing as far as awareness is concerned. Women have looked at skinny models for far too long...lets represent all women out there, not just the "thin ideal"!

    xoxoxo- Rachel

  5. Thank you for your replies. It is a dream of mine as well. I appreciate your support. Rachel, Thank you for sharing that and congratulations for recovering! We need to learn to celebrate all sizes. Thank God that we were not all created the same. There is something beautiful on everyone.

  6. I love this idea! Every fashion week I gawk at the girls pictured in Vogue and imagine how beautiful I would look in those clothes... if I were a size 2. It's like normal girls don't deserve high fashion or something. I want to see girls who look like me wearing beautiful clothes (I'm a size 10), and if a designer can't make that happen then they aren't good clothiers. Best of luck on putting this together!