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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Over it! Obesity in America and the Way We Handle It

    I’m on a flight right now from LAX to SAT. I’ll be spending labor day weekend in Texas with friends and then I am working with a boutique in Dallas called “Gypsy” and I’m also attending an event for the Ovarian Cancer Society, possibly doing a talk show. I will be in San Antonio tonight, Austin tomorrow night and Dallas the following night. Busy, busy but at least this weekend will be for fun. 
       Yesterday was my photo shoot for NOH8. If you don’t know what that it, I suggest you do a google search, but basically it’s an organization that’s all about peace, love and acceptance of other people. It is particularly prevalent in the gay community and you know I love my gays, so I have to support whenever I can. This shoot also coincides nicely with Love your Body Day. As in, “Don’t hate on curves”. It was really short and it almost felt like a Top Model shoot again because they put duct tape over your mouth and you really have to use your eyes to try to stand out. I also painted NOH8 down one of my legs. I hope that the pictures turn out well. I will definitely post them and hopefully you will be able to tell that it’s me!
       I recently did an interview with a company in singapore and apparently size/weight discrimination is a huge problem internationally. People can’t get hired or they are getting fired because of their size, like their brains work any differently because they aren’t a size two. You know, I don’t advocate obesity, but for a lot of people, being overweight isn’t a choice. I know people with cancer who have been put on steroids and gained tons of weight as well as several other people with life threatening conditions who were put on medications that made them gain weight. It really isn’t fair to those people for us to judge them. Isn’t their life difficult enough already without being made fun of and tormented constantly for a sudden weight gain? It sickens me that humans are that cruel to each other. Why can’t we just love everyone, regardless of their appearance? I challenge you to try this. Try to genuinely accept people just the way that they are. If you look at someone and think negative things then it only brings you down and potentially hurts that person. You have no idea what the person next to you is going through. I always try to remember that when someone cuts me off in traffic or is being rude for no apparent reason. I think, “maybe their Mom just died” or “maybe they were just diagnosed with cancer”. We’ve all had days like that when something was wrong in our lives and if people had given you the simple kindness of letting it go, it would have made things a little easier. Being kind will make your overall quality of life better, I promise.
        Happy labor day weekend!


  1. I can't wait to see your NOH8 pics!

  2. You say you don't "advocate" obesity, but do you actually know what the term means? It's an individual with a body mass index over 30. It doesn't indicate health, eating habits, or activity levels. Maybe you should state you don't advocate an unhealthy lifestyle? Weight is not a barometer of health. Not only that, "obesity" is a harsh medical term used to demean those of us who don't have the "correct" weight.