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Saturday, September 4, 2010

White Wine & Garlic Steamed Mussels Over Brie Topped Baguette Slices

White Wine & Garlic Steamed Mussels Over Brie Topped Baguette Slices
I put this together really last minute and it turned out amazing! The flavors are great and it was a ton of food for cheap! I bought the mussels already shelled at the grocery for $2.49. The most expensive thing was the brie.
What you will need:
Desired amount of Mussels (preferably without shell)
3 Small Tomatoes
1 package of washed and sliced Mushrooms
1 head of Garlic
White Wine (cheap is fine)
Olive oil
Salt and Pepper
1 small sliced baguette
1 small package of Brie (Spreadable will work best in this case)
A Steaming Pot (this is where you put liquid on the bottom and the top is a separate shelf to put food on)
A medium sized frying pan
Fill the bottom of the steaming pot with half white wine, half water and half a head of garlic, chopped. Turn the burner on high.
Place shelf inside of pot and arrange mussels in a single layer. Drizzle mussels lightly with olive oil and white wine. place the rest of the garlic in the steamer with the mussels. Allow to steam for up to ten minutes while you chop tomatoes to desired size (I leave them in pretty large pieces. They will have excellent flavor).
Next, add mushrooms and chopped tomatoes to the mussels with salt and pepper. Mix well. You may want to add another drizzle of olive oil and pour yourself a glass of wine (you won’t need the wine again). Cover and allow to steam for another 15 to 20 minutes.
Reduce heat and let the mixture rest while you prepare the plates. 
I took three baguette pieces at a time, dipping one side in olive oil and placing face down on a skillet until they have a light crisp.
Place the crisp baguette slices on the plate so that they overlap slightly in the middle of the plate. You may want to spread a light drizzle around the plate for aesthetic purposes. 
Place a small rectangle of brie on each slice (or a large shmear, depending on the brie). It will melt nicely once the mussels are added.
Pour the mussels, tomato and mushroom mixture over the center of the bread. Let will fall naturally. You may want to garnish with a sprig of fresh rosemary.
           I also served this with an italian salad (I try to sneak greens it where I can!). 
       I disposed of the wine reduction from my steamer. You could probably add to it and make it into a nice sauce, but the flavor of the concoction was completely satisfying without it and it’s healthier that way. You could also substitute the bread for a pasta (I don’t like pasta). 

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  1. Ты красавица!))С изюминкой мадам))