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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Grandma, what long hair you have?

    It is a growing trend for women in Hollywood to keep their locks lengthy after they retire their mini-skirts. The days of needing to crop your coif with added age are over. Starlets like Julia Roberts (age 43), Demi Moore (age 48), and Christie Brinkley (age 57) are perfect examples of gracefully aging beauties that aren’t afraid to show off their many years of hair wisdom.
      The most important key to long hair at any age is health. I cannot stress this enough. Split ends and straggly pieces will only age you and make you appear cheap. Trimming every six to eight weeks will keep you safe from dead-ends, but it’s also a good idea to use a deep-conditioner weekly. For a straight and sleek look, focus on shine because all of your hair’s attention will go to its health. Shiny hair will show everyone that you’ve got your locks under control and make your color pop.
      As a busybody myself, I prefer tousled waves or curls because it’s made to move, like me. Hair that moves is soft and begging to be touched. As a southern girl who doesn’t have lots of extra time on her hands, I find hot rollers to be the best way to achieve these waves. All you have to do is pop the rollers in, finish some housework and pull them out after 10-15 minutes for some serious body! I also recommend having some long layers cut into your hair. Any layers below the jaw line will draw attention away from fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, making you appear younger without any effort!
        Another recommendation for gracefully aging women is to get some face-framing highlights. Lightening you color can actually make you appear much younger. The trick with color is that you want to stay warm. If you are dark haired, get chocolate or caramel colored highlights. If you are blonde, stay a warm honey color. Cold colors will only make you appear older and frigid, two terms we’re trying to avoid.
        Aging is a beautiful, natural process that should be handled with grace and celebration. Each little line tells a story about our journey through life. Instead of erasing our aging, I think that we should embrace it. If you prefer short hair, then have short hair, but don’t let anyone make you do anything that you don’t want to do. Women are remarkably resilient creatures. We just need to start focusing on the positive, things that make us happy.


  1. I like long hair on girls. Short is fine, but too short and it starts looking a little tacky, in my opinion anyway. Some can pull it off, but from what I've seen most struggle with short hair.

  2. Hi Whitney, I am 43 going onto 44 and I have hair up to my shoulders..long hair suits me actually, and the shape of my face too...I have layers at the front with blonde highlights on my light brown hair..which makes me look younger and brightens up my face. I am a big believer in doing intense conditioning once or twice a week to make one's hair soft and healthy...again you gave great advice, hun, cheers from Australia