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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Essential Oils

    I have learned so much in the past few weeks about essential oils like peppermint, lavender, and thyme! You know that people with oily skin try to avoid products that have oil? That is totally unnecessary because all essential oils are actually antibacterial. That means that they will kill the bad, blemish causing bacteria. Some oils can even dry out the bad oils on your skin while nourishing it with the good oils. I had no  idea that oils could be so beneficial!
      Recently, I began noticing some skin issues which you can not have in the modeling industry. I ran straight to my skin guru, Susan Ciminelli and she gave my three essential oils to solve all of my skin problems. I felt weird putting oils on my face, scared that they would make my skin greasy but it actually fixed everything in the first week. I use the Susan Ciminelli toning formula with peppermint, rosemary, and thyme oil on my t-zone. The hydrating formula with lavendar, chamomile, and geranium is what I smooth over cheekbones and my forehead. I also use the oil control formula with lemongrass, thyme, and cajeput for spot-treatment in trouble areas. You can purchase any of the same products that I use at www.SusanCiminelli.com.
      You don’t have to use designer oils, either. Many are carried at your local health food stores. For fine lines and wrinkles pick up myrrh and frankincense. Both of these oils stimulate cell regrowth. You can even use them together. Trouble with dry, flaky skin? Try sandalwood oil. You can mix it with your regular moisturizer to enrich the skin with emollients, leaving it smooth. 
      Oily skin or skin with rosacea works well with rose oil. Rose oil is naturally hydrating and oily or red skin is caused by dehydration. Fix the dehydration and you’ll fix the problem. If you suffer from acne or skin irritation try lavender oil to calm skin as well as minimizing spots and redness. Unlike tea tree oil, it won’t dry out your skin. 
      Essential oils can be used in so many ways. They smell great, they’re all natural, affordable, and antimicrobial. Know what each does before you use it but once you find the right oils for your skin, you won’t want to give them up!


  1. my dear Whitney!
    Why don't you write in your blog any more? I very much like your blog and I want you to know that the things you write in your blog very much helps people! Please don't forget about this blog! You are so talented! and don't forget about your book too!
    Follow your heart, it will lead you down the right path, always!!!
    you're so important to me!
    your Lola