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Friday, April 1, 2011

Dying of Starvation, So Hot Right Now

          As you probably already know, I have boycotted Victoria's Secret. Adrianna Lima was thirteen when she started modeling for them! I hate seeing teenage girls who are starving and have had plastic surgery, wearing thongs and trying to sell this to me as "sexy". It isn't sexy. It's child-pornography.   
          Recently, this picture of VS model, Candice Swanepoel has made some waves because of her skeletal frame. I wouldn't usually comment on this because my stance is clear and I don't want to draw any more attention to the anorexic models already surrounding us, but people always label VS models as "curvy" in our culture and I've been reading from some people that she "looks great" in these photos. Let me make this clear, starving yourself and getting breast implants is not "curvy". Perhaps we should coin a new term for surgically altered models. Let me know if you guys think of anything more appropriate! Curves are real. Anorexia is real. You can't have both. This model is disgusting and so is Victoria's Secret for putting her in a magazine that millions of impressionable women read. Please do not support them until they start using models that look like you. 

If you or someone you know if having trouble with an eating disorder then please contact the National Eating Disorders Association for support and help.  www.Nationaleatingdisorders.com


  1. What about this link from Newport News. I had NO idea this look was coming back into "style". I thought we were making a transition. http://www.newport-news.com/shop/product_single.aspx?style_id=39357371&clear=1&index=37&gp_coll_id=0&gp_cat_id=7528&nav_cat_id=8391&category_id=10546

  2. That girl looks awful and what's worse is that I think they airbrushed her to be that thin! Ew!

  3. What a breath of fresh air you are! Thank you for being honest when it is not the popular thing to do!

  4. You could easily photo shop this frame of her right into a background of nation geographic of the devastation in Haiti and I doubt anyone would notice...

    I would call them Snorgs based on the company Snorgtees and here is a quote from the Urban Dictionary to back up my reasoning behind it.

    "A T-shirt company with absolutely no dignity or real sense of business prowess whatsoever. They merely take any quotable line from a movie, tv or pop culture scene and place it on a basic teeshirt, thus attempting to take advantage of the stupidity and consumption need of the average human, having them spend $15 on something that impresses no one and merely helps them stand out as much as 'don't talk to me, I suck.'" ~Bangerlivas

  5. LOL Snorgs! That sounds pretty appropriate.

  6. Then henceforth they shall be Snorgs!

  7. I normally like your blog but I am very upset with your words in this post. First, Adriana was contracted by VS in 2000, when she was 19. I don't know where you got the idea of 13. I'm pretty sure most of the VS angels have all of their natural body parts. Even if they didn't, that's no excuse to judge them and call them unsexy, even though I don't agree with getting plastic surgery either.

    I think the women ARE curvy.

    Just because the girl is skinny doesn't mean she's starving herself. You can be anorexic at any size. Come on, this is very basic stuff here.

    That fact that you shamelessly refer to her as "disgusting" just really blows me away. I'm apalled Whitney.

  8. She is disgusting. There is nothing sexy about this. Victoria's Secret needs diversity to say the least. These girls set unrealistic expectations and make women feel bad about themselves. The way that they stay thin is not natural. Some are healthy, most are not. It's sad, it needs to change and pretending that being skeletal is "normal" or "healthy" is exactly what's wrong with our country. Other countries have laws against models like this as well as starvation and photo shopping. Perhaps that would help.

  9. There's nothing sexy about eating disorders, but how do you know that is what she has? No you cannot tell by looking at someone just as I can't tell that you are a lazy, overeater because you are plus sized. I assumed you of all people would be a little more sensitive to body positivity and encouraging a good body image instead of tearing other women down, but I may have assumed too much.

    Would you happen to know exactly how many skinny people are naturally skinny vs how many aren't? Naturally thin people are more common than people think.

    Secondly, the VS models are just doing their job. They are not seeking out to "make" people feel bad about themselves. They should not be held responsible for the body image of others.

    And for the record, I don't believe anyone, no matter how large or small they are, deserves to be called disgusting. That is completely judgemental, harassing, and misgynist to the fullest degree. Everyone deserves respect no matter their body type, and I can't believe you seem to think otherwise.

  10. I do not know Candice Swanepoel personally. perhaps she is not disgusting, but the effects of anorexia are disgusting and you can tell by looking at someone's body. there are several tell-tale signs including "extreme weight-loss" and "thin appearance" (mayo clinic). She was much larger when she started working with VS and suddenly dropped enough weight to have 190,000 hits on google about nothing but speculation that she is anorexic. Clearly, I'm not the only person who thinks so. And you can tell that I am not a lazy overeater because I have muscle definition and my BMI is where it's supposed to be. this is not a difficult concept. The effects of anorexia on a 22 year old's body are DISGUSTING. Model or not. As far as a statistic for "naturally thin" vs Anorexic, 40% of models admit to having eating disorders and who knows how many won't admit it? I see models starve to death every year. Girls who are teenagers, younger than me. That's pretty sad.You should try to fix this problem, not ignore it.

  11. No you cannot tell by looking at someone's body if they are anorexic. Weight loss and thin appearance mean nothing. You know, there are other possibilities. She could be going through a tough time in her personal life, depression, a cold or the flu, or hell she could have cancer, aids, for all we know. There are many different reasons people lose weight than just anorexia, but there's definitely a misconception there because she's a VS model, everyone automatically jumps to the conclusion of an ED. Women gain and lose weight all the time and it's not always unhealthy. It's no different than the misconception you refered to about larger women. How would you feel if you gained 15 lbs and people speculated you were gorging yourself a little too much, or if you lost some weight and people thought you were anorexic or turning your back on the plus size industry like the world seems to think about poor Crystal Ren? I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate that kind of treatment either way.

  12. This is a silly argument. She is unhealthy. If you think otherwise then you need to research standards of health. She doesn't have cancer or aids, and if she did, the steroids they would put her on would make her gain weight for cancer, if she was HIV positive, it would be several years until she would actually have full blown aids and show any sign of it. If I gained 15 pounds then i would be unhealthy. Yo-yoing weight is a sign of an eating disorder. This isn't rocket science, nor is it up for debate. i suggest that you check the facts, perhaps at www.Nationaleatingdisorders.com

  13. How is this a silly argument? I find it completely legit. After all, you brought the debate up. Why are you trying to back out of it?

    My entire point is that you are not her, nor do you know her personally so you cannot judge her level of health. She *could* have something else going on with her. It does not matter if she may show evidence of "a sign of an ed." The one and only sign here is possible weight loss, are you seriously saying that everyone who loses weight or is considered underweight by the ridiculous (not to mention inaccurate) BMI standards in fact is unhealthy or has an ed? Well then I might as well check myself into the nearest clinic, as well millions of other people in the world.

    Yoyo weight can be a sign of an ED IF it is extreme. If it's only 15 pounds give or take, it is very, very common. Everyone gains and loses 15 lbs many times during their life. Only a few people can maintain the same weight their whole lives, it is rare.

  14. I'm not backing out of it. i know more then you which makes this a waste of time for me. Do your research, get some real facts and then come back to the table with facts.

  15. You know more than me? Well I guess that settles it. Case closed. *facepalm*

    Everything aside, it's still very tactless of you, as a semi known model and public figure, to be making such bold accusations against other celebrities. You better hope you actually never meet Candice or get any major public attention, because I'm sure they will hound you about things you have posted on here.

  16. And so you know, I have ten million more results on google then Candice Swanepoel. Once again, check your facts, silly!

  17. Um. Run that by me again?

    "Candice Swanepoel" - About 7,100,000 results

    "Whitney Thompson" - About 193,000 results

    Parentheses make all the difference, don't they? Just all the rest of your argument, slightly off.

  18. Nope, 1,310,000 for her 14,700,000 for me. Regardless, I appreciate your comments. i like diversity on here, keeps me on my toes. Hopefully you won't find all of my posts so disappointing. :-)