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Thursday, March 31, 2011

What the Ham?!

    I know that I am a little late on seeing this but I really want to know what your opinions are of these pictures. This is a shoot that Crystal Renn (plus size supermodel) shot for French Vogue. It depicts the beautiful girl engorging on fattening foods, literally stuffing her face. 
     Crystal is always beautiful and I really do like her as a person, but I am sickened by this depiction. If I thought that it was a statement on how ridiculous the industry is for people thinking that plus models do that sort of thing, then I would like it. However, looking at these shots, all I feel is bad for the model. French Vogue is clearly mocking her. I am embarrassed when I look through these. In one shot she has a ham hock between her legs and is chewing on another slab! I know that Crystal is an artist and these pictures are certainly thought-provoking but if French Vogue had asked me to do these pictures, I would have said “no”. I also would have included some expletives because I would be offended to even be asked to make such a statement on my own industry. Sometimes you have to put your foot down for the sake of your dignity. Plus sized models are not fat, unhealthy or obese. I am not gluttonous or repulsive. I am infuriated that my genre has been portrayed like this. 
      Now tell me, am I missing some sort of message here or do these pictures bother you as well?


  1. Hey Whitney!

    I completely agree with you. Maybe she did not realize the take on the mockery of the shoot, but I think it is ringing loud and clear. Would they pick a non-plus size model to do a shoot like this?

    Hope all is well!
    Jami Brown

  2. Maybe take it as just embracing food and life?

  3. NO! I think you are absolutely right. Good for you to stand up for yourself and all the other healthy models out there. It takes courage and guts to do what you girls do on a day to day basis, and people need to be able to stand up for what they believe in. You did the right thing by shedding some light on this subject. You go Whitney!

  4. Thank you. My sister just pointed out that the message being conveyed here is that eating is disgusting. I'm so upset that Crystal, a model that so many look up to, would choose to do this shoot. These pictures make me feel bad about myself and that is hard to do. I can't imagine the damage that this is doing on girls who already have fragile self-esteem. :-(

  5. These pictures seem like they are mocking plus size models. Shame on french Vogue!

  6. Disgusting... frankly and to the point... it's disgusting to look at.

  7. oh my gosh,maybe the french have some weird mind set that this isnt mocking her, but it is! not only her but I see it as mocking ALL plus-sized models, shame on them!

  8. I can't look at these photos! They are awful