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Monday, March 7, 2011

My Favorite Spring Picks!

Focus on Cheeks
Throw away your eyeliner, it’s all about the cheeks this season. Whether you choose to go neon or nude on the lips, you had better make sure that your skin is bronzed and those cheekbones are peach perfection! I love this trend because it takes the focus off of your eyes. No one wants to lug around eyeliner to the beach and worry about smears. However, that means that you will need to plump up the mascara (I recommend Covergirl Lash Blast) or skip the daily swipe and get yourself some lash extensions. They can be a little pricey but worth the extra glamour and time you’ll save by not having to worry about it. You will thank me when you wake up every morning looking beautiful without a stitch of makeup.

Buy Yourself a Trench
The trench coat is always flattering on every shape. It gives curves to box frames and accentuates waists on an hourglass shape. Also, they keep you dry from those April showers without cramping your style. I love a classic nude or black coat because they match anything but for a little drama, pick a bold color and tie the trench in the back to show off your outfit and accentuate your shape.

Let Your Hair Out
You must love 70s hair. Think about it, these coifs were being created before the advent of the hair straightener! My mom used to roll her hair around cans or use an actual iron to get her style! This means that the natural waves in the front of your hair are no longer something to be snuffed out by aCHI flat iron. Instead, embrace a little wave! it makes the style more authentic. Keep your hair thick and bouncy. You might need it to help balance out my next favorite trend. 

Tail Hems Are in Full Swing
If you aren’t familiar with the term, tail hems refers to a dress cut that is a bit longer in back then the front. A good example is my pink Versace dress from the ANTM Cycle 10 finale. The reason that I like this trend is that if you have a little junk in your trunk, you no longer have to worry about a short hem showing off your goodies. You will be fully covered and I find the angled cut around the thighs to make those appear more slim as well which is always a good thing for those of us blessed with “cheerleader”  thighs.  

Simple Jewelry
With bright, patterned clothes taking the spotlight this season, jewelry is reverting back to simple. I’m not going to lie, the bib necklaces were fun but there is nothing exciting about tying a ten pound bib to my neck and trying to remain upright. Tie your outfit together with a classic staple that you can wear with anything! I recommend something like the “Vintage Star” necklace from my collection, Supermodel. It’s only $35 and can be purchased at my website, ShopSupermodel.com. Also, simple pieces like this can be layered for a boho feel over the summer. Always think ahead! 

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