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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cycle 16, episode 2

"Fiercely Real" contestant  Kasia was hardly on Wednesday's episode of ANTM (Cycle 16, Episode 2), but I see that as a good sign — the girls heavily featured in the beginning don’t win. However, I would like to see more of her and her personality because I have a feeling I am going to like it. 

I have met Heather Bauer, Tyra's nutritionist who we saw in the episode, backstage at the Tyra Show before. She is really sweet. I think that it’s important for new models to understand what healthy treats truly consist of, but calling them “cheaties” makes it feel like you are cheating on some sort of diet and being “bad." Honey, if I was going to cheat on my diet, it would not be by eating a waffle with peanut butter —  it would be triple chocolate cheesecake. I just wish that Tyra would have put more emphasis on having a healthy diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, protein and everything in moderation. I did like when one of the girls said that it was “more important to be healthy than skinny." That is exactly what I preach about everyday. 

The self-criticism challenge did paint a very intimate portrait of the girls. It was nice to see such beautiful women so exposed. Everyone has a negative little voice inside their head, bringing them down and when you work in an industry where people are paid to say bad things about you, it is important to get a grip on that nasty little voice because it can and will ruin you.

The photo shoot with the bees didn’t “wow” me but I did think that it was nice to strip down the hair and makeup in order for us to actually see the girls, hair pulled back, fresh faced, and vulnerable. I think that Monique was my favorite picture but it’s probably because her make-up had more structure than some of the other girls. Also, Hannah's neck was breathtaking, but she needs to work on building her confidence. I was so hoping that someone would get stung! 

At one point, Ondrei suddenly announced that she had lost two brothers and one of them was murdered. I was completely shocked by the introduction of this information and was immediately curious as to why producers even put such a fragile girl on the show. She obviously needed time to grieve over a murder that only happened right before she came on the show and I’m glad that she chose to leave, though I do hope that she would be allowed to come back on a later cycle because she was a beautiful girl and seemed nothing but sweet. I can’t imagine having to deal with such terrible issues at such a young age.

I love the guest judge, Alek Wek. I read her book ages ago and she has such an inspiring story that I encourage everyone to learn more about her struggle to become a supermodel. I am not sure how she tied into the episode this week, though. She wasn’t on set with the girls and she wasn’t promoting a project so it seemed a little strange that a random supermodel would just pop on by to judge the girls. Regardless, I can not wait for makeovers. It looks like there is a lot of blonde going on this season.  Can't wait to see how the girls turn out!


  1. So they are going to do makeovers? I was wondering if they were because I thought they would have already done them by now, but I guess it also makes sense that they would wait to see how well the girls photograph with their looks as they are now and wait to get ideas of what to do for each girl.

    I completely understand why Ondrei wanted to leave. I compete in pageants and there are some times when I am just not in a good place in my life to be active in them. One time I was going through a breakup from a 6 year relationship and was moving from apt to apt trying to get into a stable situation which was hard for about 2 years, and it was hard to focus on pageants during that time, so I can image why she would want time to grieve over her tragic loss that happened like 2 months ago. Hopefully she gets another chance in the next cycle at least.

    My favorite contestant is Jacklyn. She has the most striking beauty to me, as does Kasia. Monique is also strikingly beautiful but she's got to loose that attitude and her high schoolish ways.

    A couple of the girls are so bland looking that I can't even recall their faces at the moment, and it makes me wonder how such common every day looks makes it on the show. Like, why aren't I on there? Oh yeah. I'm 5'2 haha.

  2. Makeovers will be next week! I like Jacklyn a lot too, but she will need to work on that voice when it comes time to do commercials!