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Saturday, October 9, 2010


   I have been so busy that blogging has totally been the last thing on my mind! I spoke at Texas Tech (a university in Lubbock, Texas) September 29th. That was really fun. It was extremely professional and the audience was very responsive so I made sure to take pictures and sign autographs for everyone afterwards. It takes more time then I’m scheduled for, but I think it’s important to keep in touch with my fans and get feedback. I also went to the Texas State Fair in Dallas which I’ve been wanting to do for some time. 
       People in Texas are very proud of their fair! I had tons of fun, but it was basically the same as every other fair that I’ve been to except for the food. The Texas State Fair is known for their crazy concoctions and I ventured far enough in to try fried beer, chicken fried bacon, fried butter, fried Oreos, a fried margarita and a corn dog (because corn dogs are what you’re supposed to eat at fairs)! This day would take about 800 miles of running to make up for the calorie count, but life is about balance and I don’t eat like that usually, so it’s no big deal. 
         Other foods that I did not try include fried guacamole, fried coke, fried latte, fried moon pies, fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, etc. Basically, if you can fry it, they did. The fried beer was my least favorite! It was basically pieces of ravioli stuffed with Guinness, It didn’t seem very “fried” to me. It tasted like a cold, wet noodle that exploded luke warm beer into your mouth. I only had one. The fried butter was just a step up. essentially, it’s a pad of butter dipped in batter and deep fried with a nice crunchy outside. The issue is that they don’t use just a pad of butter, they use about a quarter of a stick and when you bite into it, there is nothing but a flood of pure butter filling your mouth. It was gross as well, but certainly not as gross as fried beer. 
          The fried margarita was probably my favorite. It was just pieces of funnel cake in a plastic margarita glass, drizzled with tequila and lime, top with whipped cream. It wasn’t life-changingly good, but it really wasn’t bad. 
           There were discussions about hitting up the Texas Star which is currently the largest ferris wheel in America, but I really don’t like ferris wheels, so I just watched it from the ground. It’s not quite as impressive as the London eye and apparently Pepsi is building a bigger one this year in New Jersey. I usually like to go on rides, but I’m getting older and my friends weren’t really into the crazy rides that I like. It really made me want to go to Disney World! We did watch a dog show that was pretty exciting and I attended a little event on milking cows. The speaker was hysterical! He definitely said some inappropriate things, telling people that milk was the best thing on the planet for your body and that there is no difference between organic and regular. My friends had a good laugh, but it was sweet how much the guy loved his job. If I’m in Texas around this time next year, I will certainly go to the fair again!
          I had so much fun exploring Texas and I’m glad that I had the time to do it.  One other thing I did was go to this restaurant that I saw on Man vs Food (I love that show for some reason) called The Salt Lick in Driftwood, Texas. Now, this barbecue was life changing. They have an open pit and if you ever get the chance, then I highly recommend going there, though it is off the beaten path. I tried a combo plater with pork ribs, sausage and brisket and this brisket is by far the best that I have ever had. It was like prime rib! Of course, I have a thing for barbecue. I’ve never met a pork rib that I didn’t like. If anyone else is going to Texas and wants ideas on things to do, let me know. I got a lot of god, old fashioned exploring done, now off to New York City!

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