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Monday, April 25, 2011

Roma Boots

       You don’t get a lot of use from rain boots in Los Angeles. It almost never rains, but after accidentally meeting the owner of Roma Boots in Dallas, Texas, (Samuel Bistrian) I just had to have a pair of his Roma Rain Boots. Not just any pair, you know. I had to have the glossy plum boots. Purple is one of my favorite colors and the Roma design is truly unique for their appearance as well as their value. Unlike other galoshes that appear to be generic, cheaply made and highly priced, Roma boots send a message. Wearing Roma boots makes you not only a fashion-conscious consumer, but a philanthropist as well.
       Samuel Bistrian was born in Central Europe, an extremely impoverished area of the world. He eventually moved to America and began working in fashion, but Samuel wasn’t content allowing others to have the same kind of childhood that he did. Like me, you may ask, “Why rain boots?” Well, the answer is genius. Unlike other philanthropic shoe companies, these boots do much more than just protect the bottom of a child’s foot. Did you know that is it common for children in Central Europe to lose their toes because they freeze off or become infected from the icy, wet conditions? Of course, if you lose toes, you are also susceptible to many other, more devastating diseases. Rain boots protect the child’s foot from all forms of weather and can be worn any time of the year. They are exceptionally durable to protect the entire foot and calf. Not only that, but by purchasing a rain boot for a child in need, you get a pair for yourself!
         There is no better advertising for spreading the word about such an amazing cause than proudly sporting a pair of Roma boots. They also make great gifts for friends because it is like making a charitable donation in their name (only they still get a present)! Roma boots come in several colors, that can either be matte or shiny (mine are shiny, of course). You can also get a mid-calf boot. These are extremely well made and I promise you that you will not regret making this purchase!
Get your Roma boots at www.RomaProvisions.com 


  1. What a great reason to purchase a pair or two! I know I'll be needing some here in the super flooded Fargo, ND. I do hate the cruddy overpriced weird shaped ones I always see for sale around my neck of the woods. Fashion is necessary all seasons :D

  2. Exactly! And being able to give to others makes it a double win!