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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Thinking About Getting Eyelash Extensions? Read About My Experience!

Are You Thinking About Eyelash Extensions?
        Recently I pondered getting eyelash extensions. I had received them before at a gifting suite for free, but they were the “clump lashes” which are bulky and uncomfortable so when those fell out, I decided to hold off on a new set. After the clump extensions fell out I realized how nice it had been to wake up every morning with long, thick lashes. It’s strange that eyelashes can alter your appearance so much but they really made me feel glamorous even after rolling out of bed with no makeup!
        I finally decided to get eyelash extensions on my last trip to Jacksonville, Florida but this time I opted for individual lashes. I went to Faythe Mesic and I drug my Mom and sister with me too! The whole process takes a little longer than clump lashes, but the look is supposed to be more natural and comfortable. The process involves your lower lashes being taped down as well as taping above your upper lashes. This makes sense because they don’t want to accidentally glue your eyes shut but it definitely sucks having to keep you eyes closed, even though it’s only for a few minutes. I decided to get long lashes placed on the ends of my lid to accentuate the shape of my eyes. It was actually pretty quick and it does look more natural. My lashes are also more comfortable, though I am still having to work around them when I sleep at night. I mean, you know that they’re there but it’s nothing compared to a strip of fake lashes. Those make me crazy and models have to wear them at 99% of shoots!
       I think that I should have gotten these extensions a little thicker because the clump lashes had a lot more hair in each piece, giving me that doe-eyed look all day and next time, I will have Faythe add some shorter pieces to thicken them up, but everything looks great so far! If you are in Jacksonville then feel free to make an appointment with my lash lady (her website is www.FaytheMesic.com) or if you are in another area, do a search for lash boutiques near you. Prices vary from $60 all the way up to $250, but you will be saving serious time by skipping on mascara and still feeling pretty without any eye makeup! I hope this was helpful!

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  1. Long beautiful eyelashes! Probably it is dream of each girl!
    Whitney, thanks for wonderful advice!