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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Importance of Eyebrows

       Eyebrows are a complicated subject. We (women and men) wax, pluck, dye, thread (ouch!), shade, and even tattoo them! I’m sure that you, like me have seen many a whack-job on eyebrows as well as a few terrifying uni-brows that kept us clinging to our tweezers for weeks. The truth is, when it comes to eyebrows we have no excuse. They are right there between our forehead and eyeballs and even though you may not have given them much thought, now is the time to step it up on one of your most important features.
        Hair removal is a big decision when it comes to your brows. We can choose to pluck, wax, or shave those babies into submission. With all of those options, it’s no wonder that some people get carried away! It is better to have thick, unruly brows than tiny penciled-on memories of where your eyebrows used to be. Think of it this way, your eyebrows frame your face. Now, the most beautiful paintings in the world are not framed by thin, plain frames are they? Absolutely not. You want the frame for your face to be well-groomed, shaped, flattering and clean. When looking for eyebrow inspirations, use models like Crystal Renn and Daria Werbowy who are super models with intentional, thick, shapely eyebrows.  
        On the other end of the spectrum, we have those whose eyebrows are naturally too thin. Perhaps you just don’t grow a lot of hair on your eyebrows (like me!) or you are a blonde and your hair is too light to see. It’s something that you don’t really think about, but every single photo shoot that I have ever done, the makeup artist has filled in my eyebrows to look thicker. At first, I paid no attention to it. “What difference will thicker eyebrows make?” I thought. I soon realized what a difference they made. If you don’t already have an eyebrow kit, just play around with your makeup for a minute. Take a picture of your face without filled-in brows. Then, dip a q-tip in any dark brown eye shadow and brush it over the natural growth of your eyebrow hair. Continue until they are even and take another picture. It will feel ridiculous to you at first because you won’t be used to seeing yourself like this, but trust me, you look better than ever. However, I do not recommend using this method of application to wear in public. The cheapest way to fill in your brows is to go to the local drug store and pick up an “eyebrow pencil”. If you want to get fancy, “Benefit” makes an amazing eyebrow kit that is perfect for girls on the go! 
        The moral of the story is that plucking in the middle is a must, but thin, squirmy eyebrows are a bust! Look at the pictures that I included for different shapes. You want to have a soft arch, no evil brows, and if you don’t trust yourself to not screw it up, don’t touch them. Thick brows are fashionable. Brooke Shields is a super model because of her thick, oversized brows which frame her piercing green eyes perfectly. Marilyn Monroe had thick, dark brows that made her face glow with that platinum, blonde hair. Look online for eyebrow inspiration and once you have your look down, you will thank me for it!


  1. I like this blog. Your right that not many people think about their eyebrows. I have the bushy and unruly ones. But as I've gotten older, I've come to like and love that I have them there. I just couldn't see myself with thin and barely there eyebrows. Thanks for the info Whitney!