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Friday, April 8, 2011

How to Make the Most of Your Shower!

        We don’t all have tons of extra time to spend on perfecting our skin, hair and feet. I certainly fall into that category. Traveling so frequently leaves me little time to steam my skin and scrubbing my feet isn’t a priority when you’re trying not to pass out from exhaustion. I have created a beauty routine that ensures you will get the most out of your short shower!
       If you have ever had a facial, you know that it always begins with steam. Steaming your skin opens your pores and you don’t have to go to a professional to open up those tired pores! You know how your mirror fogs up when you take a hot shower? That’s from the steam. I turn on my shower to it’s hottest setting before getting undressed. This gives the shower a chance to steam up before I get in. Another way to amp up the steam is to soak your wash cloth in the hot water, ring it out and lay it flat over your face. You should feel your skin start to relax and now is the perfect time to shampoo (you’ll need to before the next time) thoroughly and rinse away all of the day’s grime.
        Now that your pores are open and your hair is clean, it is the perfect time to apply a gentle face mask! Some companies have even created masks especially designed to work into your shower routine (Clean and Clear In Shower Facial) . You are giving those steamed pores some much-needed love. While leaving that mask on your face, apply a good conditioner to your hair. If you have ever read a conditioner label you know that they almost always suggest to leave it in for several minutes. Since I don’t have time to twiddle my thumbs in the shower, I find this to be the perfect opportunity to shave my legs if need be, or begin exfoliating my body and feet. Soap is vital in a shower but body scrubs can make an immediate transformation in the beauty of your skin and who doesn’t love fast results?  Rubbing a body scrub into your shoulders, abdomen and legs sloughs away dead skin, allowing it to appear radiant and young as well as increasing overall circulation and quite frankly, it just feels nice. Body scrubs can be pricey so I will post a recipe tomorrow for one to easily make yourself at home.
       It’s pretty easy to scrub your body while standing in the shower but if you’re anything like me, paying your feet the attention they deserve is not at the top of your priority list. Our feet are so important! What would we do without them? I shove mine into stilettos every day. I depend on them tremendously and they don’t get nearly as much attention as my hair and face. What would I do if they started to stink on an airplane? That guy in 14a will undoubtedly give me dirty looks. Embarrassing!  The point is that we need to take care of our feet! They aren’t even difficult to maintain, but we give them so little love because they’re easy to cover up and forget about. If you don’t want to purchase a separate foot potion (like me) feel free to use your body scrub on those tootsies! Make sure you focus on the rough parts of your feet but also get in between your toes because that’s where bacteria will build up and cause stinky feet! Supermodels do not have stinky feet! You can also buy a product like “Dr. Scholl’s For Her Liquid Pumice Foot Scrub”, designed specifically to pamper those piggies.
       Now I’ve covered you head to toe so rinse out that deep-set conditioner and let that gentle mask reveal supple skin that will match your freshly buffed body! You just made the most out of your shower without adding any time onto it!


  1. Wow! Whitney! Very interesting! Thank you so much! Allow me to tell some words about water procedure too:-)
    Your work and work of many other people is very hard and strained! Sometimes it is so pleasant to come home and to have a rest after hard day. Water procedures it is excellent method to have a rest and recover forces.
    The water procedure influences well not only our health, but also on our mood :-)
    In water our body becomes easier, and those muscles which usually feel an overvoltage, relax. Under the hot water blood circulation is refined, pores extend, the nervous and stress recede.
    Water temperature should be 37-38 degrees, hotter water only will tire you. It is necessary to have a water procedure before meal or in 1,5-2 hours after it. Even if you feel yourself excellently , it is necessary to have water procedure not more than for 20-25 minutes.
    It is important to know what to add in water to feel yourself better:
    To have a bath with a ginseng and lobes of roses is very good because ginseng will make your skin silky and lobes of roses will leave gentle and delicate aroma. Cleopatra, for example, added lobes of roses in water, knows that bathing in them will prolong and will save beauty.
    If you feel weariness after day of work just add oil of a tea tree (5-6 drops) or oil of lavender in water. It takes off weariness, a nervous tension. Bathing with daisy wheel and sea salt helps to feel relax too. It refines a dream and softens a skin. After bathing drink tea with milk. Be sure, that you will fall asleep very strongly.
    If you ill, add in water rosemary or oil of lavender (5-6 drops).
    Bathing with salts are recommended to those who has the metabolism. Or if you have cellulitis you should add in water oil of grapefruit (3-5 drops).
    After bathing it is recommended to use any cosmetic means for a body and to have a little rest. It is best method to relax and stay alone with itself :-)
    Thank you for all!
    Love,Lola XxXx