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Friday, April 29, 2011

Brush it Off!

Some people don’t use makeup brushes at all and some of us buy brushes and have no idea what we’re paying for or why we need them. Brushes have the power to make or break you. Someone with ill-applied makeup will not be well respected. You think you will get a second date with spots of black eyeshadow all over your cheeks? As much as I hate it, makeup matters. It is better to wear none then to wear it the wrong way. You don't need makeup to be beautiful, but if you are going to wear makeup wear it the right way. I want to quickly set the record straight on a couple of misconceptions when it comes to the brushes that hold the power to perfect  powder.

          Usually when buying a brush, or anything for that matter, we think that real means “better”. You want human hair extensions and Italian leather shoes, but the same is simply not true of makeup brushes. Brushes made with animal hair can actually soak up makeup and waste product. They also require more washing and can actually cause skin irritations as well as costing more money then their cruelty-free counterparts. Synthetic brushes are hypoallergenic and can be made from sustainable materials. Overall, they’re better for the Earth, you skin, and your bank account.
        Why use a makeup brush at all? For starters, it’s far more hygienic than fingers alone. You’re hands are covered in germs and bacteria and the last thing you want to do is add any more to your face, possibly causing severe blemishes. Also, makeup brushes allow you to be precise and accurate with your application. This is especially true when it comes to your eyes. There’s nothing worse then someone trying to create a smokey eye with a sponge brush. It typically ends with uneven edges and powdery specks all over. An appropriate brush can also help shape and fill your eyebrows, which you can read the value of in my blog post “The Importance of Eyebrows”.
         Once you find your best brushes, (the most important being a powder/blush brush, eyeshadow brush, and liner brush) be sure you know how to clean them. There are many cleaners on the market for you to choose from, but the most important thing is that you do actually clean them. You never know if one of your friends snuck in the bathroom to apply a little extra liner and the last thing you want is to get an infection or share microscopic mites from someone else’s face. Keep your tools fresh and your face will show it!
        You don’t need to spend tons on your brushes. Look online for good deals on eco-friendly brushes. I promise that you will notice an immediate difference in the evenness and precision of your applications. You will be able to apply makeup like a professional and the brushes will last you years if you take care of them!


  1. You mention that sponge applicaters cause eyeshadow to be uneven. Does it do the same to foundation? I like sponges on foundation but are brushes actually better?

  2. No, foundation sponges are fine. I recommend running it under water first and wringing it out. This will make the makeup go on smoothly with no caking. Eyeshadow sponges are cheap and they're very one size fits all which is not good for contouring.

  3. Whintey, I totally agree...I am a big fan of makeup brushes...the liner, dome brush eye shadow blender does wonders for my eye makeup...I am a big fan of MAC eyebrushes,

    Cheers Lara from Australia

  4. I can see where her full front lace wig starts... Not to like actually.