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Monday, September 13, 2010


     Wow. I just had an amazing weekend working with Gypsy and Company to support the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. The owner of the traveling boutique (Courtney) was so sweet and so was everyone that I worked with. the staff from Halo Salon in Ft. Worth were so kind and they really listened. I think that I also got some great shots with Click, Click, Bang photography. I am totally pleased with the outcome and it’s a really fantastic charity that they’re involved with. I learned a lot about ovarian cancer. I mean, apparently when you go to get a pap, they don’t test for ovarian cancer and it ends up killing more women than any other cancer. That’s crazy.
        I’m going to be in Los Angeles for one day (just enough time to put Baxter in doggie day care) and then I’m flying to New York for fashion week. I guess we’ll see how that goes. I’m more excited to se my friends than anything. I have way more friends in NYC than LA. I just had a lot more spare time when I lived in NYC. I’m too busy to see anybody in Los Angeles. It sucks sometimes. I could use a break. I need to find someone to sponsor a vacation for me.        :-)
        My 23rd birthday is coming up (September 26th) but I’m not looking forward to it. It is really hard for me to get older, especially when the girls I’m competing with are teenagers. Sigh... at least the women in my family age well. I don’t think that I’m going to celebrate it. I was talking to a company in Vegas about throwing a bash there, but I really don’t have time for it and I’m just not feeling it this year. There’s nothing very exciting about the big 2-3. Maybe I’m just depressed because I’m listening to John Mayer, Battle Studies right now which is pretty depressing in itself, but I can’t help but listen. I wish I could learn to play one of his songs, but he’s an amazing guitarist and I am just starting out. So far I can play “Beautiful People” by Marilyn Manson and a Metallica song.  Maybe I should start playing violin again. I was pretty good at that and I do still have one, but the guitar is way easier to pick up in social situations. It’s a party instrument. So, I’ll be the weirdo in the corner stumbling around chords to get out “Wonderwall” by Oasis. 

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