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Saturday, August 21, 2010


         My trip to Toronto has been a complete success. I met some amazing people, did lots of exciting interviews, had a great photo shoot and ended the trip with a full body massage. Amazing!
          I’m flying back to Los Angeles now. I’m going to be in town for a whole week! I thought about skipping my connecting flight and spending time in Dallas, but I have work to do in LA. So, I’m just sitting in an exit row next to a super talkative young couple, about to watch a James Bond DVD (For Your Eyes Only). I never fly first class when I book a flight. I think it’s because I don’t drink alcohol on planes and the only real benefit that I see in sitting up there is free booze. Also, nothing feels worse then boarding the plane first and then having to make awkward eye contact with all of the people walking back to coach. It actually makes me feel bad. Even when i fly first class, I board last. When flying coach, I always try to sit at a window seat on the exit row. The window isn’t really vital to me because I can’t sleep on flights, so I’m not going to lean on it, I think it’s just a power trip. I like to be able to control the opening and closing of my window shade. LOL I know it’s lame but nothing makes me more bummed then trying to peer out the window and having the person next to you slam it shut. Anyways... I achieve this seat by always doing self check in (once again, I never check luggage) and hitting the “View/Change Seats” button. If that doesn’t work out then I go to my gate and ask the attendant if there are any window seats available. Usually, exit rows fill up last and more often then not, I am the on;y person in the whole row. I hope that’s helpful to my fellow “jet-setters”.
          I’m going to start taking better care of myself too. I haven’t worked out in almost three weeks. I’ve been working and traveling so much that I really haven’t had time, but I think I let that snowball into something more because I also haven’t been taking a multi-vitamin or eating fruits and veggies with every meal. It’s really important that I take care of myself because I don’t have room in my schedule for a sick day. 
           Another travel tip is to always moisturize pre and post flight. I recommend that you bring a travel sized container and apply it mid flight on anything over 3 hours. And don’t forget to drink water! Airlines always give you a tiny cup of water and that really isn’t enough. Spend the $4 on your own bottle for the flight or bring an empty bottle and fill it up from the airport water fountain for free. Also, if you absolutely must order a drink from the flight attendant that is not water (i.e. coffee, juice, soda) ask for a cup of water with it. This is pretty standard and water is free. The flight attendant will give it to you and it will make a huge difference in your over all well being. My skin gets dull from flying all the time so I have to take extra special care of it when I can. Also, exfoliate well once you get home again. That’s all I’ve got for now!

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  1. LOL @ feeling bad for sitting in 1st class! (And I'm a sucker for the window seat, too ;)