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My goal is to encourage and inspire you to celebrate your miraculous, exquisite, and unique body. I want you to resist the negative messages being sold to you by the media. You are beautiful. You are unique. Here, we want to help you remember that.

If I can convey one message to you:
Healthy is Beautiful. Beautiful is not a size, not an age, and not a procedure. Healthy is beautiful."

“Beautiful” is celebrating the characteristics and qualities of your body, while nourishing and exercising
it to be as uniquely healthy and fit as only you can be. We are all created differently and I want you to stop trying to fit into a mold that someone else has defined as "beautiful". No one size will ever be accepted by everyone and it's important to accept that we are all different. I want you to be the best that you can be.

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Monday, August 16, 2010


FASHION SHOOT FOR www.allistyle.com featuring Whitney Thompson of America’s Next Top Model and Alissia Marciano and Richard Sibbald of Star TV’s Look-a-like team  - August 19, 2010 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Have you ever been in a position where you cannot fit into “mainstream” fashion, realizing that you have to enter the realm of plus size shopping? Have you ever walked into one of the specialty plus size stores and all you saw was frumpy polyester outdated clothing and you just wanted to sit down and cry?

This happened to Pam Shainhouse’s daughter, Alli, after gaining weight from cancer treatment.  Alli was a vibrant young woman who passed away before she was 30 years old.  Her mom’s vow was to carry on her vision of giving women a better choice in clothing size 12 and up.  And she did just that.

After forming Alli’s Journey(a continual fundraising effort to raise awareness for young people with cancer) and bringing Kimberly Seldon on board to design and decorate a room specifically for young people with cancer at Wellspring located on the campus of Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto, Pam set to work and designed a line of eco-friendly, made in Canada, fashion forward  pieces for REAL women. Since embarking on this journey Pam feels it is time to revamp the website, www.allistyle.com  and she has some very special friends to help her.

Whitney Thompson, America’s Next Top Model Cycle 10 winner, has a strong opinion about ‘plus size’ fashion.  The first full-figured girl to win ANTM, she believes women should be comfortable with who they are and in the body they were blessed with. She regularly blogs about it and is on the board of National Eating Disorders of America in New York City. Whitney has graciously offered to be the face of Allistyle to help realize AS’s vision and continue the AS motto ‘I AM AS I AM’.

A famous celebrity model needs a seasoned celebrity team to prepare her for the job so Moe Kelso, Fashion Expert of CBC’s Steven and Chris and Creator/Producer of Star’s hit celebrity makeover series Look-a-like has brought the Alissia Marciano and Richard Sibbald of the Look-a-like team together to style and photograph Whitney for Allistyle’s new look-book and website.  They’re all about being gorgeous no matter what your size. www.lookaliketv.com

This dynamic, fashionably fabulous group come together August 19 for the Allistyle photo shoot to continue the battle against cancer and help women feel beautiful inside AND out.  If you would like to interview, photograph or videotape the inspiring Pam Shainhouse of AS, Whitney Thompson of America’s Next Top Model, or the members of the Look-a-like team they would be pleased to speak with you. 

Please contact Moe Kelso for information at: moekelso@moekelso.ca or call her at 416 721 5197  

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